General Plumbing

We undertake a wide range of plumbing services from general plumbing and repairing heating systems and providing faucet replacements. So whether you need a power flush-fitted or a new boiler installed, we are the people to call.


We undertake general plumbing repairs and plumbing installations, fixing drains, re-piping, faucet replacement, burst pipes, and pipe leaks. We also supply and fit water heaters, take care of the installation and repair of boilers. All our work is fully insured.


Our team of skilled plumbers can take on all points of general kitchen plumbing including the kitchen sink and tap installations. We repair pipes, sinks, and taps as well as boilers and radiators. We can also fit all the plumbing required for a new kitchen including sinks, water heater boilers, kitchen faucets, and more.


The choices you make when you design your house also influence its plumbing system. A well-organized plumbing system starts with a design that saves water and energy assets. A good toilet design and bathroom design includes short runs between plumbing fixtures and uses state-of-the-art materials. A plumbing design must include two systems, the system that supplies water and the system that gets rid of waste. Tony's Plumbing does both.


Before starting designing a house for plumbing, drain, waste, and vent systems, we go after local building codes to make sure design compliance. Plumbing codes restrict the number of attachments that can be on a vent stack, on a drain system in a room, or where supply lines and drains must be placed inside the walls whether it would be toilet repair or toilet replacement.

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