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When it comes to ensuring the optimal functionality of your bathroom fixtures, expert installation and prompt repairs are paramount. As a seasoned plumber committed to delivering top-notch services, we specialize in comprehensive toilet installations and efficient repairs. Whether you’re upgrading to a new, water-efficient model or addressing a troublesome malfunction in your existing toilet, our skilled team is dedicated to providing reliable solutions. We understand the importance of a smoothly functioning toilet in your daily life, and our commitment extends to delivering timely and effective services to meet your plumbing needs. From precise installations that adhere to industry standards to swift and thorough repairs, we take pride in offering dependable solutions that guarantee the longevity and efficiency of your bathroom fixtures.

When you need Toilet Installation & Repair

Whether you have a clogged toilet system or an otherwise faulty toilet you can rely on Tony’s Plumbing to quickly diagnose and solve your problem.

Toilets are well built and have a strong base. But, after some time, you’ll want to replace an unattractive or outdated model. Toilet installation on your own can be a troublesome, messy job. Hiring a professional plumber will make sure correct toilet installation. Our highly-trained team of Tony’s Plumbing knows how to apply and connect piping, gaskets, and seals to prevent leaks and other problems.

Toilets are in continual use, so internal parts wear out fast. We repair any brand or model of toilet. There is no problem too big for us to fix. Here are some of the regular toilet repairs we make every day:
Cracks: Cracks in the toilet bowl can out turn into bathroom flooding. It is better to replace or repair the toilet bowl unit before it breaks down.
Constant Water Flow: Are you hearing your toilet running, there’s no doubt a leak. Water that drains through the overflow tube can waste thousands of gallons a day.
Toilet Clogs and Blockages: When the water level in the toilet continues to rise until it overflows, objects in the drain or other interference in the sewer line can create toilet clogs and blockages. It’s time to call a professional plumber right away to repair and unclog the toilet.

The most common issue that affects the bathroom plumbing system is a blocked toilet. Removing clogs from a blocked toilet without (out) a plunger, fixing a toilet drain filled with non-flushable materials or excessive toilet paper may require the services of the plumbers and we are available in Cypress Tx.

Once the toilet bowl is filled up, your toilet is expected to stop running water after a flush. In other cases where your toilet runs non-stop, an internal leak is most probable to be the cause and several gallons of water will be wasted daily. To fix these problems, contact a plumbing specialist so that they can repair the toilet issue effectively and prevent further wastage of water.

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